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Make sure that your device is up-to-date. Google Play Services should have sầu been automatically installed if you have sầu ever opened the Google Play Store.Sign in with your Google account on your Android device. Most Android users are already signed in, but in case you"re not, add your Google tài khoản from the Settings menu.Open the Settings ứng dụng và scroll down lớn the "Accounts" section.Tap "Add account" và select "Google".Enter your Google tài khoản details to log in.You must have sầu location services turned on if you want your device lớn appear on the bản đồ in the android device manager.xuất hiện the Settings ứng dụng & tap "Location".Ensure that the slider is toggled.Set the mode to lớn "High accuracy" for the most accurate location results.

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xuất hiện the Google Settings phầm mềm on your device. All Android devices running 2.2 or later with Google Play Services should have this app installed. It will permit you khổng lồ make changes lớn your Android Device Manager settings for the device.Tap "Security" in the "Services" section.Ensure that "Allow remote loông chồng & erase" is checked as well. This is a vital security feature và will allow you to lớn protect your data in case the device is stolen or lost.mở cửa the Settings phầm mềm on your device. Now, you will finally have sầu khổng lồ enable Android Device Manager is the administrator permissions for remote loông chồng và erase.Select "Security" from the Settings menu.Scroll down and tap "Device administrators".Ensure that "Android Device Manager" is checked.

How vì I use Android Device Manager khổng lồ find my

xuất hiện the Android Device Manager khổng lồ track & manage your devices. Android Device Manager can be accessed in two different ways:Android Device Manager tiện ích – Download the Android Device Manager app from the Google Play Store on another Android device. If you are using the app on another person’s Android device, you can log in as a Guest. Log in with the Google trương mục that your missing Android device is signed into lớn. The Android Device Manager app is not available on iOS; use the trang web instead.Android Device Manager website – Visit và log in with the same Google trương mục that your missing Android device is signed into lớn.Select your device. If you have a number of Android devices linked to lớn your account, you will be able to lớn select which you want lớn trachồng and manage by clicking the name of the active device và selecting the you want from the menu.Locate your device on the map. If location services are enabled on the device, you can usually traông chồng it on the maps. If your device has a GPS signal, the bản đồ should be reasonably accurate. If your device only has wireless location enabled, it may be more inaccurate or may not even appear at all.If the Android Device Manager fails lớn find the correct location, it will display a circle that the device should be somewhere in that area.

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This will help you trachồng down the correct location by retracing your steps.If you are trying khổng lồ locate your device nearby, you can phối it to lớn ring by clicking the "Ring" button. Your device will ring at full volume for five minutes or until the device gets unlocked.If you are worried about your device falling into lớn the wrong hands, you can loông xã it with a new password by clicking the "Lock" button. You will have to enter this new in order to unloông xã the device. You can also mix a message that will be displayed on the device"s screen.Erase your device. If you"re afraid that your device has been stolen, or you think it is lost for good, you can erase all of the data & settings by clicking the "Erase" button. This will persize a factory reset on the device. If the device is not presently online, it will start the rephối the next time it connects.

Benefits of using Comobởi vì Android Device Manager

You can use the loông xã option to lớn loông chồng your device if it gets stolen or if you thua thảm it. The lochồng option also allows you to change or phối a PIN or password & display a message on the locked screen khổng lồ help who gets the device tương tác you.You can use the ring option to lớn ring your if it is not with you or if you have sầu the ringer turned off or down. This option can be used khổng lồ ring your at full volume for five sầu minutes or until the power button is hit. This will help you lớn find the once you get close lớn it while following the maps or when you lose it underneath your car seat or somewhere on the couch.You can use Android Device Manager lớn remotely wipe your device clean if you are sure there are absolutely no chances to recover your lost Android device. It is just like using the Lochồng or Ring option. Just connect lớn your device & use the wipe option lớn bring your device/ bachồng khổng lồ the same settings it had while it was br& new. This will prsự kiện people from misusing your device or the data that you had stored on it. This option can be used even when the power is off.You can use the option to log in as a "Guest" on Android Device Manager. This will let a friover locate and control his device which has either been stolen or lost.