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Same thing, should really get their permission (so that files can be repackaged). Andy the Android Emulator is a custom distribution of Android running inside VirtualBox, which means a portable version of VirtualBox is required.

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They seem lớn state in https://www.facebook.com/groups/AndySupport/permalink/881797628528932/ (needs to be logged in) that they don"t mind us doing a portable version. But they vày state what you said about VirtualBox (although they explain it"s not a fork).

I had also "portable" virtual box.But this has never been portable, as it need drivers to lớn be installed into lớn the system where ever you use it. This needs definitely admin rights & that time the drivers remained installed after the porgram was closed. This is not very much portable then.There are certainly ways of uninstalling the drivers when closing the program, but as people tover to simply shut down computer rather then cchiến bại everything, all will remain installed.

The Andy seems not lớn be happy with any Virtual Box, it wants certain versions. I have sầu just tried it, either it does not work on my little bit outdated VB or it wants to install its own version. So when I let it install its own version, it did trash all my virtual machines, so spent night khổng lồ recover all again.Not funny at all.

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I managed lớn get the source out of the installer (AutoHotKey source retrieved using 7-Zip).

Not only does it mess with existing installs of VirtualBox (trashing vm"s as reported above), but it also disables Hyper-V (probably so it doesn"t get confused). I don"t recommkết thúc this for anyone currently using either VirtualBox or Hyper-V.

(apk UNDER vm) UNDER portable != work

I"m following on to Otto lớn because when I looked around I found a "portable virtualbox" but it involved having admin rights & so on to the extent that it wasn"t really portable at all! (I think Otto & I may be thinking about the same e.g. of portable in name và idea only)

I was prompted by this thread khổng lồ get an Android VM going locally as there is an App I"ve been wanting khổng lồ test và don"t have sầu the right ph but khổng lồ throw in my 2p worth, I can"t see a VirtualBox implementation of anything let alone an Android with all the touchy feely stuff working portably và reliably. I mean, can an Android funtion w/o storage of some sort? if yes it is going lớn need hooks into the host of some sort, this is all very different to lớn something like DOSBox which I use for some old progs (not games).

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I"m suggesting the first step is portable virtualization with, say, VirtualBox and *then* one can consider various guests. I think the order is important and I gently suggesting people that ask for PA vì chưng stuff lượt thích this haven"t, probably innocently, thought things through.

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