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A Trusted Global Supplier

With over 19 years of experience, Kim Duc is a leading supplier for global retailers & consumer goods giants và among muốn the 500 faschạy thử growing companies in Vietphái nam. We are fully committed on high-unique sản phẩm standard and social responsibility. Klặng Duc is an active member of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standard and the Business Social Compliance Initiative sầu (BSCI).

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Meet Our Quality Product

Our PP woven sacks are ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá for packaging a wide variety of bulk products as they are moisture proof, yet breathable. We customize our sacks’ kích thước, shape, and color khổng lồ meet our customers’ specific needs & requirements.

Our RPET Bags are made from 100% recycled material, originating primarily from plastic bottles. Their lightweight, durable, & fully recyclable thiết kế results in a high-chất lượng & ecological product at a low cost.





PPhường Woven Shopping Bags are taking the promotional products industry by storm. Our best-selling items are lightweight, durable, colorful, and, best of all, very cost-effective sầu.

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Our increasingly popular PPhường non-woven shopping bags are fully customized lớn the needs & specifications of our customers. They are manufactured from recyclable spunbond polypropylene which is one reason for their ever-increasing demand và popularity aý muốn clients from a variety of industries.

Our PP woven sacks are ikhuyến mãi for packaging a wide variety of bulk products as they are moisture proof, yet breathable. We customize our sacks’ kích cỡ, shape, & color lớn meet our customers’ specific needs and requirements.

Find the Perfect Shape

Kim Duc offers a wide variety of customizable bag designs to lớn meet our customers’ specific needs.

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Medical Equipments

Our products are certified by international labs, CE & FDA available. CONTACT NOW FOR RFQ thesuggestr.com
ConstructionCommunity usageMedical usage
Outer layerNon-woven fiber (30gsm)
Dust & micro-particle filterMeltblown filter

BFE > 95%

Meltblown filter

BFE > 98%

Sweat-absorbing layer Non woven fiber (30gsm)
Additional serviceAdvice on labelling in compliance with US và EU requirements
Kyên Duc profile
FDA Mask registrationFDA Registration / CFS
CE Declaration of ConformityLink A – self issue

Link B – issued by a 3rd party

Test for Disposable mask

EN 14683 Type I

ASTM F2100 Level 1 & 2

FDA GuidanceFor face mask & surgical mask: Link

Full guidance: Link

KIM DUC TestedRequirement
Disposable Mask

For community usage, source control

USA: FDA Operator number 10074394

EU: CE Declaration of Conformity

ASTM 2100 – màn chơi 1

EN 14683 – Type I

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency: 99.83%BFE >95%Filter material: Will be used for all Disposable Mask models
Splash Resistance: 80mmHg và 120mmHg80mmHgOuter layer material: Will be used for all Disposable Mask models

4.6 milimet H2O/cm2

Surgical mask

For medical procedures

USA: Test by Eurofins

ASTM 2100 – màn chơi 3

Liquid barrier protection level 2

EU: Test by a Notified toàn thân lab (CENTEXBEL NB 0493)

MDD 93/42/EEC

Type IIR

Tests & import capability lớn USA: TBA December

510(k): TBA first quarter of 2021

Kim Duc profile
FDA gown registrationFDA Registration / CFS
Test for PP.. non-woven with PE lamination gownLink
Test for Breathable SMS non-woven gownLink
PP.. non-woven with lamination45gsm– Ultrasonic sewing

– Neck tie

– Belt in back

– Elastic sleeve end

– Full baông chồng coverage

=> critical areas tested

– Can add tricot cuffs on requests

Breathable SMS non-woven40gsm
USAAAXiaoMi MI PB70 Level 2

– Spray impact penetration 20cm

– Moderate protection

Suitable for general usage và health care personnel, offer minimum protection against low to medium- màn chơi threat.
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