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The Best Uninstaller that Fits Your Needs

thesuggestr.com Uninstaller Pro makes it easy khổng lồ remove programs & clean their leftovers thoroughly. It aims lớn give sầu you a cleaner PC & a securer online surfing experience.

Complete Uninstall

Completely remove all unused programs including stubborn & bundled ones as well as Windows apps.

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In-depth Clean

Automatically clean leftovers of uninstalled programs, even those left by other uninstallers.

Safe Surfing

Automatically remove malicious and advertising plug-ins for safe Internet browsing.

Smooth Browsing

Bloông xã annoying browser notification with one simple clichồng lớn ensure a smoother surfing experience.

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Installation Monitor

Monitor all changes made to lớn system during program installation and revert them when uninstalling.


What Others Say


"This easy-to-use & informative uninstall tool cleans configures, and optimizes your PC. Users can tải về it virtually in a blinks of an eye. This uninstall tool can be categorized as the best uninstaller và allows users to lớn do uninstallation in bulk. It will offer users khổng lồ vày a "Powerful Scan" to go deeper & find leftovers. The performance alone makes this little uninstall tool worth keeping."

Ali Tekin

"I"ve never used this kind of program before And I had lớn reset my computer all the time. Sometimes I changed computer parts. I was spending a lot of money on my computer, and it was all unnecessary. This program saved my money. Before using this program, my computer was very slow. I couldn"t do anything. But my computer is very clean now. Thanks to lớn this program, my computer got very Fast. I saved everything through this program. Thank you so much thesuggestr.com I love you."

Ivan White

"thesuggestr.com uninstaller has come a long way, I have used it for a long time, I love it, it is very thorough, now it is even getting better. Very pleased with it, would not be without it. If you vị not use it you might wish to lớn try it, it is 100% better today than it was a year ago. It cleans up all the extra registry junk và does it very well."

James Gresley

"thesuggestr.com"s Uninstaller works extremely well, scrubbing the leftovers out of my system. It works fast và safely with no extra fuss to lớn get everything so its simple khổng lồ use. I originally got it because it also can uninstall browser extensions và other difficult programs. It has never failed me. Also, I love that it makes a system restore points on the fly for emergencies."

John Glenn Perong

"It’s been a week since I used thesuggestr.com Uninstaller & I never found any issues with it in uninstalling a program. It even finds plugins in my browsers that I didn’t even know existed. The uninstallation tốc độ is pretty fast & it even has an installation point if ever you have sầu second thoughts on uninstalling a program. The clean-up of the residual files is very good; it doesn’t leave sầu any useless data left on the uninstalled software. It is really packed with a lot of features. Overall, my computer’s performance improved thanks lớn this. It is very convenient and easily manageable; I even recommended this lớn my friends."


Choose Your Plan

Powerful Uninstaller Ensures Better PC Performance và Safer Online Browsing

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PC Quantity

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Uninstall Programs Completely

Basic Premium Premium

Clean Residual Left by Other Uninstallers

Uninstall Stubborn and Bundled Programs

Remove Malicious and Advertising Plug-ins

Monitor Installations & Revert System Changes

1-Cliông xã to Update Outdated Software

Premium Technical Support

1 Year / 3 PCs
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