How To Crack Mouse And Keyboard Recorder

No more performing the same task twice!Macro Recorder captures mouse events and keystrokes lượt thích a tape recorder, allowing you khổng lồ automate tedious procedures on your computer.Download for Windows & Mac

Press Record. Perform the actions.

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Macro Recorder records your mouse movements, mouse clicks & keyboard đầu vào. Just lượt thích a tape recorder for your computer.

Press Stop. Edit the macro.

The built-in macro editor allows you khổng lồ Review your recording, rearrange actions, change pauses or edit keyboard input.

Press Play. Repeat the macro.

Macro Recorder repeats your macro recording as often as needed, saving you from repetitive sầu tasks. You can adjust playbaông chồng tốc độ và smooth out edgy mouse movements.

Desktop Automation

Automate any Windows/Mac desktop application. Macro Recorder will mix your computer on autopilot to lớn repeat tasks infinitely.

Automate Everything

Automate tedious tasks - Record và play baông xã mouse movements, mouse clicks, and keyboard strokes.

Mouse Recorder

Macro Recorder includes a Mouse Recorder khổng lồ capture your mouse movements, clicks & scrollwheel actions.

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Keyboard Recorder

Macro Recorder also includes a Keyboard Recorder lớn record your text & keyboard input for infinite trả lời.

What makes Macro Recorder so special?

We were aware about that there are many macro & mouse recording tools on the market.…Learn more why we decided lớn come up with our approach:

Macro Recorder Clicks Smarter

Instead of using static X/Y coordinates, Macro Recorder can optionally find the desired click position with image & OCR text recognition.Even if buttons are shifted around by advertisements on a website page, Macro Recorder can hit the right position. This method also speeds up the macro automation itself. Instead of static wait times, the macro proceeds exactly in the moment, if a website page is loaded or the remote controlled task is completed.

Consistent window sizes and positions

Macro Recorder also captures the position và kích thước of the program windows that appear during the recording.On playbaông xã, Macro Recorder restores the windows positions & sizes lớn ensure that the macro can be played baông chồng accurately every time.

Smart Mouse Recorder

Smart algorithms can turn shaky mouse moves into nice curved or linear shapes. This is great for creating screencasts as it eliminates visual distractions.Playback speed can be adjusted for individual or all mouse movements.Mouse movements can be excluded from playback, so only the clicks are executed.

No endless coordinates dumps

Other mouse recording software may throw large danh mục of countless mouse coordinates to lớn you. However, this approach makes it difficult to edit a macro as clicks and key presses are buried under all the mouse events.Our Macro Recorder editor combines mouse moves between two clicks inlớn one single mouse move sầu action, that can be edited và re-arranged easily.

No programming. Period.

The Macro Recorder makes automation easy for everyone and not just for the programming expert.There is no need to learn a proprietary scripting language - With Macro Recorder all is done via the easy-to-use interface.

Mouse path overlays

Macro Recorder visualizes the recorded mouse paths và clicks with overlay graphics, allowing you to identify each mouse sự kiện when editing the macro script.

Share Macros with the Team

If you combine Macro Recorder with our productivity solution "PhraseExpress", you get a professional automation suite:Share macros with other users in the network.Trigger macros by pressing a hotkey or entering a text shortcut.Combine macros with additional text automation, provided by PhraseExpress.Schedule automations in intervals or on a specific time/date.